Wedding Transportation Photography: Capturing the Moments!

Wedding Transportation PhotographyWedding transportation photography

Wedding Transportation Photograpy: Capturing the Moment!

Wedding transportation photography is always focused on what’s going on indoors. Wedding photographers capture members of both parties, wedding guest, the floral arrangements at the reception, the ceremony and of course the newlyweds. But what about the styling and profiling done when the bride is arriving in a fresh white limousine or when the groom and the best man arrive in a limo. Who captures these moments? Is it a great to capture the essence of the heart of the groom has he arrives? What about the a picture of the moment of bridal party all lined up inside of the limousine?

Why have a wedding photographer during the transporting of the bride, groom, bridal party, and wedding guest?
It captures all of the hidden moments. It will be great to look back at the behind the scene moments. Limousine and bus rental companies are nowadays furnishing the red carpet to allow these moments to look awesome.
How can the bus transportation provider assist you with making sure your wedding has all the proper wedding photography?
When you speak with the bus transportation provider explain to them the wedding photographer will be taking pictures of the arrival of the vehicle also of that is occurring on the way to the ceremony and take pictures at the park. This will let the driver know maybe take a more scenic route.

Wedding Transportation Short notes

Wedding transportation short notes we have put together to assist couples getting married. If you are ready to book your charlotte mini-bus go back to the wedding transportation page. Look over these four short notes to get the most out of minibuses and limousines used in wedding transportation:


Limousine & Buses4 Hour6 Hour8 Hour10 Hour
20 Passenger SUV Limo$412$624$836$1048
24 Passenger Bus$412$624$836$1048
10 Passenger TownCar$412$624$836$1048
16 Passenger Sprinter$412$624$836$1048
6 Passenger Suburban$412$624$836$1048

*We have separate pricing for Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding Charlotte-Mecklenburg county areas. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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