Wedding Transportation Budgeting

Wedding Transportation Budgeting

wedding transportation budgeting

Wedding Transportation Budgeting: Get More with


Wedding transportation budgeting is a practical tool to figure out where you are money wise. Yet there is no better way to ruin a wedding than to penny pinch on the majors. Making sure you arrive to the wedding on-time, professionally, and in style is crucial. Skipping in the area of wedding transportation is a no-no. Therefore, let’s sit down and go over a few points of a wedding budget in regards to transporting wedding guest and renting a limo. According to research guest experience and personalization were very important in 2016.  Using the proper limousine and minibus can catapult your wedding into the heavens.  Let’s find out why.

Of course, we can not place your name on the side of the limo for personal branding. We can how ever decorate the inside of party buses and limousines to a degree. This will give you and your bridal party the personal touch you may be looking for in wedding transportation.
Guest experience
The ultimate guest experience is acquired by putting yourself in your guest shoes. Once you have those shoes on and tied, its time to think how to make the wedding day a great experience for them, the bridal party, and family members. This is no time to go light on the budget. We suggest renting a minibus for wedding guest transportation. This will make sure everyone is on-time and no one gets left. Rent a limo for bride and groom and their respective parties.

Wedding Transportation Tips

Wedding transportation tips are our wedding gifts to couples getting married. If you are ready to book your charlotte mini-bus go back to the wedding transportation page. Look over these four tidbits to get the most out of minibuses and limousines used in wedding transportation:


Limousine & Buses4 Hour6 Hour8 Hour10 Hour
20 Passenger SUV Limo$412$624$836$1048
24 Passenger Bus$412$624$836$1048
10 Passenger TownCar$412$624$836$1048
16 Passenger Sprinter$412$624$836$1048
6 Passenger Suburban$412$624$836$1048

*We have separate pricing for Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding Charlotte-Mecklenburg county areas. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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