Planning Biltmore Day Trips Successfully and Saving along the way

Biltmore Day Trips

Biltmore Day Trips are one of the best ways to view the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC. The problem is the place is so large it actually takes two to three days to explore the entire attraction. This planning guide is going to prep you to enjoy the 1 day visits Biltmore Day Trips.

Quick Facts: The Man & the Biltmore House

The Biltmore House is the largest house in the United States. Biltmore House’s size and architecture is absolutely amazing. The architecture and its grandiose size are breathtaking. George Vanderbilt, the owner opened the castle in 1895. The 250 room French style castle still under construction while it was open to family and friends. Vanderbilt’s architectural taste were influenced by his travelling the world. While traveling  in Europe and Asia, he purchased many of the decorations and furniture for his home. He started the work of designing the home while he was 25 years of age. He married Edith in 1898.

Constructed of 10 million pounds of limestone; the Biltmore House sits on 4 acres. The house is 33 bedrooms, 65 fireplaces and 43 bathrooms. The property was originally 125,000 acres. The estate now is 8,000 acres.

There are four types of tours

  • Self Guided
  • Guided
  • Kids’ Audio Guide
  • Audio Guide

Your self-guided tour covers three floors and the basement. The self guided tour of the home allows a person to cover all three floors and the basement at their own pace. Guest can purchase other different guided tours. It would take months to study and appreciate the art collection of George and Edith Vanderbilt. You can move at your own pace during the self guided tour. The visitor is able to view the original artwork of  Pierre-Auguste Renoir and John Singer Sargent. The house is completed in impressive 16th century tapestries. All tours allow the visitor to enjoy the original collection of George and Edith Vanderbilt’s.

Biltmore Day Trips Planning Guide

The best way to enjoy one day visits at the Biltmore Estate is to think an phases and food-wine in between. The planning guide is going to break out three major enjoyments and the discuss the three remaining food & wine tours.

Biltmore Rooms

Winter Garden
Glass roof lights up the entrance sculpture and opening garden.
Banquet Hall
A room held the Vanderbilt’s dinner parties, holiday celebrations, and family dinners.
Billiard Room
The gentlemen would enjoy a game of billiards and retire to the smoking room while servants served guest behind concealed doors.
Breakfast Room
Guest will notice a concealed door used by servants to serve hot plates to the Vanderbilt’s guest.
Edith Vanderbilt’s Bedroom
Edith Vanderbilt’s bedroom – Located on the second floor of the Biltmore House.
George Vanderbilt’s Bedroom
Edith Vanderbilt’s bedroom – Located on the second floor of the Biltmore House.
Since he was 12 years old, George Vanderbilt has been careful to collect and take care of his book collection.
Music Room
History was hidden in the walls of the Music Room. During the Second World War priceless was hidden behind the walls until the Germans surrendered in 1944.

Biltmore Winery and Wine Tasting

Antiller Village

Its name comes from Antler Hill, the “fine high ridge,” as noted by Vanderbilt.  Estate families met the ridge during the mid 1800’s to socialize and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Biltmore Farm

The farm offers a glimpse back at Biltmore’s agricultural past with animals to delight children of all ages. The farm has historic barn and a Barn Door Shop.

Biltmore Blooms

March 20-May 25, 2018
The Spring equinox is celebrated every year at the Biltmore House. George Vanderbilt’s magnificent Biltmore gardens are bright colors of tropical plants and lavish flowers.


Free Seminars are offered daily at A Gardener’s Place on making beautiful spring arrangements. You’d have to get started earlier to enjoy this on a Biltmore Day Trips.

Let’s Eat Biltmore Estates: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Biltmore House (adjacent restaurants)

  • Stable Café has a menu that includes a great location of slow-cooked rotisserie chicken, smoked pork, estate-raised Angus beef, and house-made sausages.
  • The Bake Shop is focused on baking pastries and serving espresso, gourmet coffees and herbal teas.

Antiller Village

  • Cedric’s Tavern is an English pub. A great place to listen to live music and enjoy food.
  • Bistro gives Biltmore guest an experience of Europe. The open kitchen visual effect gives guest an awesome American-European appeal while enjoying pastas and pizzas.
  • Village Social has a menu focused on seafood and local farm food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Library Lounge invites guest to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a book. After lunch, English tea is served.
  • The Dining Room at the Inn is four-star restaurant. Guest should reserve a table for breakfast buffet or dinner. Guest eyes are lit by white linen tablecloths, Vanderbilt china and crystal.
  • The Creamery allows visitors to have the Winky Bar sundaes made with the original Biltmore Dairy ice cream and much more.
  • The Smokehouse restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating for visitors looking to enjoy the best Carolina barbecue, sandwiches, cold drinks, snacks.

Biltmore Quick Facts

How long does it take to go through Biltmore House?

If you are moving at a good pace on the self guided tour it should take 1.5 to 2 hours.

How to purchase a ticket?

Find good deals, corporate transportation discount get tickets to the Biltmore Estates.

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