Limo Services

Limo services

Limo services

Limo services are difficult to understand. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a quote for hundreds of dollars and not knowing how to compare or shop services. There are basically three different types of limousine companies:

  • Small Limousine Transport company
  • Hybrid Bus and Limousine company
  • Large Multi facet Vehicle company

Let’s discuss the small limousine transport company. These companies are normally 1-5 vehicle companies. Inventory is a combination typically of a large limousine, possibly two sedans, and a bus. The inventory of course will vary. These companies are great for personality and the personal touch.

Hybrid bus and limousine businesses are growth companies. The owners are entrepreneurial. They have vision of expansion. Ownership started off has a small limousine transport company but the have grown. These companies may offer more packages, have no problem performing extended hours or making small accommodations. If you have a need of convenience ask the owner or limousine driver they are usually obliging.

Large Multi-facet vehicle companies are large fleet limo businesses. These groups are usually franchises. You can find them in various cities. This maybe a good situation for those who travel to various cities around the United States. These owners maybe able to provide travels with discounts and be able to make customized point to point trips and issue great discounted per hour rates.

No matter which type of limousine service company you choose, always look at the cleanliness of the vehicle, ask has the vehicle been service, and what are your companies policy. Ask the limousine driver does he or she understand the route. Is there great places for group or individual pictures? Is there a scenic route that can be taken versus travelling the highway?

Lastly, make sure you exchange numbers with the limo driver. This will make the night or day trip pleasant while enjoying these limo services.

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