Panthers Transportation Tailgating Games

Carolina Panthers Transportation Tailgating Games

Carolina Panthers Transportation Tailgating Games: CornHole

Carolina Panthers Transportation Tailgating Games are ways to best the time while having a good time tailgating before the game. While someone has the grill safely lit and heating up. It is best to pass the time pulling out the entertainment games. We suggest a game of cornhole. Make the games family friendly so everyone can play along.


  1. First place cornhole board on a flat surface 24 feet away from each other.
  2. The cornhole board surface should be 2′ x 3′ in size.
  3. A 6″ hole-centered 9″ from the back and 12″ from either side.

Cornhole Bags

  1. There should be 8 bags. You need to make 4 bags of each color.
  2. Each bag should be 6 inches by 6 inches. Each bag should have 1 pound of corn.

Cornhole GamePlay

  1. Team games consist of two teams of two people. Partners shall stand at opposite cornhole boxes.
  2. Each cornhole team shall have 4 bags of one color. 8 cornhole bags begin at one end.
  3. A coin flip will determine which team shall go first and from which side they will pitch from.
  4. The team who has honors will begin play by one of the partners  throwing a cornhole bag at the opposite cornhole board.
  5. A cornhole player may throw from anywhere behind the front of the cornhole box, this is the games foul line.
  6. Alternate throws between the two opponents until all 8 cornhole bags  have been thrown.
  7. If a cornhole bag hits the ground first, then bounces up onto the board, remove that bag for it does not count. A simultaneous hit (board and ground) counts as a point if it stays on the board when it’s lifted from the ground.
  8. After all 8 bags are throw, scoring is determined using Cancellation Format scoring. Team A has 1 bag in the hole (3 points) and 2 bags on the board (2 points), Team B has 2 bags on the board (2 points). Team A is awarded 3 points and has honors to throw first in the next round.
  9. The next round starts when the other cornhole player on the team, which has honors, throws their first cornhole bag.
  10. The cornhole game continues until one team reaches or goes over 21.

Harms and Fouls

  1. A cornhole players foot goes past the foot foul line (the front of the cornhole board)
  2. Any bag that hits the ground and ends up on the board.
  3. A Player goes out of turn.

Carolina Panthers Transportation Tailgating Games

Carolina Panthers Transportation Tailgating Games are great ways to get family and friends involved in pre game activities. If you are ready to book your charlotte mini-bus go back to the Panthers Transportation page. Look over these four tidbits to get the most out of minibuses and limousines used in Carolina Panthers Transportation:


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16 Passenger Sprinter$412$624$836$1048
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*We have separate pricing for Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding Charlotte-Mecklenburg county areas. Prices are subject to change without notice

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