Panthers Transportation Tailgating Etiquette

Carolina Panthers Transportation  Tailgating Etiquette

Carolina Panthers Transportation  Tailgating Etiquette

Carolina Panthers Transportation  Tailgating Etiquette is the rules to how to play the game of tailgating. Follow these rules to not be shown the parking lot. Tailgaters have rituals and a belief system that needs to be followed.

Now that we got that out of the way. The good news is that we are not in Philadelphia Pa trying to tailgate where things can get a little more complicated. Charlotte main issue is parking not the fans (laughing). So what is tailgating etiquette to a Panthers fan.

Phone Etiquette
Rules applying to phones and pictures

  1. Bring your own smartphone USB cord (lightning cable) and Apple cube for phone charging. Better yet, charge your phone before you leave home. (rented limos do have 8 phone charging outlets)
  2. If you are going to take a picture of the food that is cool; but take a step back from the grill. Don’t place your phone over the food and take the pic. Nobody wants your bathroom used phone over their food.
Beer & Drink Etiquette
Rules applying to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  1. A wise man once said, “I’m going to grab another drink. Anyone else care for one?” That is the first and last rule of tailgating. If you can handle that rule you can understand all rules.
  2. Never bring cheap beverages in exchange for expensive cognac. People will look at you differently from that moment. You’ve been warned.
  3. No one for the road drinks when you wander into random people or work buddies.
Furniture Etiquette
Rules applying to all types of furniture

  1. Stop by Lowes, Walmart, or Target. Somewhere. Purchase an indoor outdoor chair. Throw it on your back.
  2. Don’t grab a seat on someone’s Panther couch and ask his lady for a drink and have on the visiting team Jersey. You will be playing with fire.
Grill & Cooking Etiquette
Rules applying to anything pertaining the grill

  1. As long as there is charcoal and matches you should be grilling. No Excuses
  2. Remember no one knows about your food allergies. No one certainly doesn’t want to see you cry after eating their food. Be cautious!
  3. Nothing is ever wrong with bringing your own ribs and tasting someone else’s grilled ribs. In fact, any compliment after swapping ribs shows a form of intelligence.

Carolina Panthers Transportation & Tailgating Etiquette

Carolina Panthers Transportation & Tailgating Etiquette is a list of facts keeping tailgating fun yet at the same time civilized. If you are ready to book your charlotte mini-bus go back to the Panthers Transportation page. Look over these four tidbits to get the most out of minibuses and limousines used in Carolina Panthers Transportation & Tailgating Etiquette:


Limousine & Buses4 Hour6 Hour8 Hour10 Hour
20 Passenger SUV Limo$508$698$878$1048
24 Passenger Bus$436$674$856$1065
10 Passenger TownCar$487$693$865$1098
16 Passenger Sprinter$489$634$839$1056
6 Passenger Suburban$409$665$867$1148

*We have separate pricing for Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding Charlotte-Mecklenburg county areas. Prices are subject to change without notice

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