Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation Service Charlotte NC

Airport Transportation Service Charlotte NC

Airport Transportation  provided by Stryker Limousine includes two levels of service. Remember as your flight arrives at Charlotte Douglas International you can leave the stress of traffic and anxiety of long drives to the parking decks behind. Our services are above par in the corporate transportation industry. We are reliable and professional. The service team inspects all vehicles prior to transporting clients. The detail team ensures vehicles are cleaned and refreshed. Finally our limo drivers review the vehicle prior to departure to pick up clients. We take corporate transportation seriously. Stryker Limousine is here to provide you and your colleagues with a professional service so you can focus on business and not worry about airport transportation.

airport transportation

Airport Transportation Made Easy


  1.  The regional airports we serve are the following:
      Charlotte Douglas CLT
      Greensboro/Winston-Salem PTI
      Greenville-Spartanburg GSP
      Concord JQF
      Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport KEQY
  2.  Door to Door private transfers are our speciality. We are not limited to airports only. Stryker Limousine has the ability to accommodate single person travel to larger groups as well.
  3. Our acceptable pick up locations are wherever you find yourself in need of reliable transportation.


  1. Time is money, let us save you a little money.


  1. When you factor the cost of gas and parking to get yourself to and from the airport you’ll quickly realize the need for a dependable transportation alternative, give us a try!

Business Focused

  1. transportation provider change with you.

Airport Transportation Scheduler

Airport Transportation scheduler provides frequent fliers and newbies with Charlotte transportation information. If you are looking for a different limo bundle go back the packages page. Look over these four tidbits to get the most out of minibuses and limousines used in Airport Transportation:

  • How to Find  Transportation
  • Charlotte International
  • Regional Airports
  • Restaurants




Limousine & Buses4 Hour6 Hour8 Hour10 Hour
20 Passenger SUV Limo$412$632$836$1148
24 Passenger Bus$408$634$826$1048
10 Passenger TownCar$436$634$837$1048
16 Passenger Sprinter$418$618$836$1048
6 Passenger Suburban$412$625$786$1048

*We have separate pricing for Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding Charlotte-Mecklenburg county areas. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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